Financial Analysis

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We assist our clients in developing and prioritizing financial, budgetary, and capital goals for both the short term and long term. This involves direct consideration of the client’s capital and related needs and its role and relationships with surrounding communities, with state and federal government, with their competitors and vendors and with each of their various boards and regulatory agencies.

FS&L works with the appropriate officers or officials for each client to identify and quantify future financial needs, requirements and legal obligations, so that short term and long term strategies can be developed to properly and effectively address future needs and obligations. Such an evaluation will enable our clients to properly anticipate and plan for future budgetary, financial and capital needs.

FS&L provides each of our clients with an extensive evaluation of their outstanding debt portfolio. This allows the client to understand and appreciate in detail their overall debt picture. If economically feasible, FS&L will also provide our clients with innovative strategies to lower and manage their interest rate expense and risk with the use of different derivative products and several borrowing and refinancing options.

FS&L provides ongoing education to our clients giving them a detailed picture of their financial situation coupled with an understanding and appreciation of current and changing financial marketplace opportunities.