Ongoing Education

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FS&L is continually updating its analytical and financial modeling capabilities. We explain our clients’ short and long term debt portfolios and the advantages and disadvantages of every option presented to them. We firmly believe that a client cannot make an informed decision about a financial product unless they fully understand the benefits and risks associated with it, as well as how it works.

FS&L provides for a number of educational activities, including:

  • Attendance at Board meetings to answer questions and discuss market conditions
  • Providing market intelligence services to clients at their request
  • Providing formal presentations to administration and senior management
  • Providing ongoing monitoring and market analysis to help clients optimize results and lower costs

When FS&L is engaged, we provide the client with extensive information through a series of detailed meetings and presentations.

Our professionals have worked on hundreds of financing projects of every kind in conjunction with governments and other municipal and non-profit entities.